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31 January 2023. Amb. Ezzedin H. Tago meets with H.E. Hassan Shehata, Minister of Manpower of Egypt to discuss pertinent labor laws covering migrant workers, the eligible categories and procedures for the issuance of work permits, and efforts to ensure that foreign workers in Egypt are covered by Egyptian labor laws.

During the meeting, both sides exchanged information on Filipinos living and working in Egypt, their categories of employment, and mechanisms to protect the rights of those with working permits.

Minister Shehata confirmed that there is no category for domestic or household workers for foreigners and thus there are no working permits for domestic workers as this category is not covered by the Egyptian Labor Law No 12 (2003).

The Embassy advises all Filipinos working in Egypt and who are eligible to secure work permits to coordinate with their current or potential employer to ensure that their working permits and residency status in Egypt are valid, to ensure that their rights and obligations as stated in their contracts are recognized and protected under the law.

The Embassy further advises Filipinos considering the option of working in Egypt to ensure that they have contracts, appropriate working permits and residency status. The Embassy reiterates that the category of household worker is not subject to the current labor law, and there is no specific or relevant law that governs the recruitment and deployment of foreign household workers to Egypt.

For further information, the website of Egypt’s Ministry of Manpower (labor force) is :

and the page on requirements and procedures to obtain work permits for foreigners is :

These procedures translated into English will be soon uploaded on the Embassy’s website, together with links to relevant laws governing foreign workers.

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