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Citizen's Charter

Please refer to the following Citizen's Charter for the Embassy's External Services. Each Charter provides information on the various transactions of the Consular and Assistance-to-Nationals Sections.

Consular Services

1. Authentication Services​

     a. Authentication of Documents/Contracts

     b. Acknowledgement/Notarization

     c. Certification

     d. NBI Clearance (Fingerprint only)

2. Civil Registration Services​

     a. Report of Birth

     b. Report of Marriage

     c. Report of Death

     d. Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

     e. Petition for Correction of Clerical Error or Change of Name

3. Passport Services​

     a. First Time Applicants

     b. Renewal of Passport (Including Lost Passports)

     c. Travel Document

4. Dual Citizenship

5. Visa Services

     a. 9A Temporary Visitor's Visa (Family Visit, Tourism, Short Business)

     b. 9C Seaman's Visa

Assistance to Nationals Services

1. Death of Filipinos Abroad​

     a. Local Burial

     b. Shipment of Remains or Ashes

2. Assistance with the Police​

     a. If one becomes the victim of a crime

     b. Inquiring on whereabouts of a Filipino

3. Prisoner Welfare Visit

4. Legal Assistance

5. Violence Against Women

6. Human Trafficking

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