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On 28 May 2024, the Philippine Embassy in Cairo received an official Note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt reminding all foreigners in Egypt who still do not possess residency cards, to do the following  before 30 June 2024:


1.     Register their data at the Ministry of Interior Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality; and

2.     Request for issuance of residency card.


Those who fail to do so will be subject to corresponding penalties and other legal actions. 


The Embassy joins the relevant Egyptian authorities in reminding all Filipinos in Egypt, including those already with residency cards, to:


1.     Always be in possession of valid IDs/passports and residence cards, while getting around the country.

2.     Cooperate with authorities when asked to show passport/ID and residence card.


As per the Embassy's past advisories, all Filipinos in Egypt must be reminded that without official announcements amending existing laws, they must continue to observe the following:


1.     All foreign workers in Egypt must obtain work permits and licenses from the Ministry of Manpower and its affiliated offices. 

2.     There are no work visas and permits being issued to foreigners who wish to work as household workers (or kasambahay) in Egypt. 

3.     It is the responsibility of your Egyptian spouse to help you (and your children) acquire Egyptian residence visas, marriage (and birth) certificates, and IDs. 

4.     Your employer and/or sponsor should not keep your passport for any reason. 

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