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PUBLIC ADVISORY ON SITUATION IN SUDAN(As of 24 April 2023, 1800HRS, Egypt Standard Time)

The Philippine Embassy in Cairo and Philippine Consulate in Khartoum evacuated a

group of Filipinos at 12 noon today. We have also monitored some Filipinos who have left on their own to Egypt and to Port Sudan.

EVACUATION. Filipinos who expressed desire to evacuate Sudan should take note of

the following:

1. Those waiting for government-coordinated transportation to evacuate Khartoum

should await the Embassy’s advice on the availability of transportation options. We will notify you on the appropriate time and gathering point, once options become available. Notifications will come through the Embassy or the Consulate.

2. Those who will travel on their own or with their employers to Wadi Halfa (Sudan-

Egypt border), should inform us in advance by message or email, in order to facilitate your entry into Egypt.

If you face issues at the border, please contact the Philippine Embassy in Cairo

at the numbers below.

Find out whether the final destination of your bus is Wadi Halfa or Aswan. It is

always better if your transportation will take you all the way to Aswan.

3. Those who decide to go to Port Sudan should inform the Embassy in advance.

4. Airports in Sudan remain closed.

GENERAL REMINDERS. If you have not done so, please send clear copies of your

passport and residence visa via email:, and provide us with the

following information: 

Full name (as indicated in your passport): 

Phone number: 

Your location in Sudan: 

Name and location of employment: 

Is your passport and residence visa valid? (Yes/No) 

Name and contact details of your next-of-kin in the Philippines: 


Philippine Embassy in Cairo 

WhatsApp/Mobile: (+20) 122 743 6472 

Facebook/Messenger: PHinEgypt

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