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PUBLIC ADVISORY ON SITUATION IN SUDAN (As of 23 April 2023, 10AM, Egypt Standard Time)

EVACUATION. Filipinos who expressed firm desire to return to the Philippines should take note of the following:

1. The Philippine Embassy in Egypt and Philippine Consulate in Khartoum are finalizing arrangements for the departure of Filipino nationals out of Sudan. The Embassy will call Filipinos to confirm their readiness and to schedule a time to be at a designated meeting point or arranged pick up. Kindly await the call from the Embassy.

2. Kindly ensure you are in possession of your valid passports.

3. The Embassy will instruct those who do not have their valid passports, as regards exit travel procedures.

4. All airports in Sudan remain closed and there is still no option for air evacuation at this time.

5. Filipinos traveling on their own to either Port Sudan or Wadi Halfa are advised to inform the Philippine Embassy in Egypt in advance by message or email.

6. Individuals or groups proceeding to the Sudan-Egypt border should inform the Embassy in advance, for coordination with the Egyptian authorities.

RELOCATION. Clashes, gunshots and bombings continue to move in different areas of Khartoum and other places of in the country. A temporary safehouse or a shelter may not a viable option at this time. We kindly ask you to remain in your home, and away from windows and rooftops. Stay at the lower levels of your shelter.

GENERAL SAFETY & OTHER REMINDERS. Venture out if and only necessary (like to replenish supplies, e.g., food and water). Carefully assess the situation in your area before leaving your homes.

The Consulate has started sending aid (money for purchase of food, water and basic supplies) to priority members of the community, i.e., senior citizens and families with children.

If you have not done so, please send clear copies of your passport and residence visa via email:, and provide us with the following information:

Full name (as indicated in your passport): Phone number: Your location in Sudan: Name and location of employment: Is your passport and residence visa valid? (Yes/No) Name and contact details of your next-of-kin in the Philippines:


Philippine Embassy in Cairo WhatsApp/Mobile: (+20) 122 743 6472 Facebook/Messenger: PHinEgypt Email:

We continue to monitor the situation in Sudan and shall keep posting updates on social media, and may send directly to your numbers and emails. Please stay safe.

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